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Visual Journaling

“Visual Journaling speaks a language deeper than words.” page 9, Visual Journaling I was lucky enough to receive a small windfall this week, so I went to the one place I love to go when money is burning a hole in my pocket: the bookstore. A couple times a year, I make a pilgrimage to… Read More »

The Joys of NaNoWriMo

For the first time, I participated in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. Although I was working on my memoir instead of a novel, I decided to join because I was looking for a writing community to support me in my creative endeavors. Although most creative endeavors are solitary activities, it is very helpful to find… Read More »

Van Gogh and Creating

  Vincent Van Gogh was an amazing man. With almost no income (his brother, an art dealer, agreed to support his art), no hope of praise or success as an artist, and fighting the illness that finally took his life, he created. He created almost every day. He was passionate about what he did, working… Read More »

Creativity & Grief

A couple days ago, I found out that one of my best friend died, very unexpectedly. A friend of his hadn’t heard from him, so went to check on him, and found his body. Needless to say, the news has come as a complete shock to me. We had one of those relationships where we… Read More »