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Taking the Plunge

There are two levels of creation: the actual act of creation, which is a private act most of the time, and the letting go of what you have created into the world, which exposes us to all the positive and negative in the world. Comparatively, the first one is easy. The second one is much… Read More »

Van Gogh and Creating

  Vincent Van Gogh was an amazing man. With almost no income (his brother, an art dealer, agreed to support his art), no hope of praise or success as an artist, and fighting the illness that finally took his life, he created. He created almost every day. He was passionate about what he did, working… Read More »

Fear & Self-Love

I had an epiphany recently, and, like most epiphanies, it hit me at the oddest time. I was driving to the bookstore, bemoaning the fact that I feel like I have wasted the last year of my life. Just over a year ago, I quit my day job and started freelance writing. Although I have… Read More »